Domain Information:
a. [Domain Name]                TREEOFLIFE.CO.JP
g. [Organization]               Tree of Life Co.,Ltd.
l. [Organization Type]          Corporation
m. [Administrative Contact]     YM1545JP
n. [Technical Contact]          YM1545JP
p. [Name Server]      
p. [Name Server]      
s. [Signing Key]                
[State]                         Connected (2019/03/31)
[Registered Date]               1999/03/23
[Connected Date]                1999/04/06
[Last Update]                   2018/04/01 01:04:00 (JST)

Contact Information:
a. [JPNIC Handle]               YM1545JP
c. [Last, First]                Mizukami, Yasuhiro
d. [E-Mail]           
g. [Organization]               Tree of Life Co.,Ltd.
l. [Division]                   Management Division
n. [Title]                      General Manager
o. [TEL]                        03-3409-1928
p. [FAX]                        03-3409-1902
y. [Reply Mail]                 
[Last Update]                   2006/08/23 18:47:07 (JST)

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